Bluedragon Training Base Introduction

   cooperate with colleges , cultivate talents together.For years,Blue Dragon Logistics Co.,Ltd together with tens of the colleges in Ningbo area has always beening devoted to cooperation,we provide the college students opportunities of visiting ,training,practicing and so on.

    In 2002,Blue Dragon Logistics Co.,Ltd was awarded “base of social practice for students of logistics”by Ningbo University.We took the first step to success of cooperating with colleges.In Oct.,2004,we started cooperation with Ningbo polytechnic.

   In 2006 we started cooperation with colleges one after the other,such as Ningbo Dahongying University,Zhejiang University of Finance&Economics and so on.In May the same year.,Blue Dragon Logistics Co.,Ltd was listed as one of the first vocational education bases of nine by Beilun Goverment

   School-enterprise cooperation in 2008 to sharing of resources, both school equipped with the specialist is responsible, at the same time the enterprise also made a complete the training materials. Through the training students do theory with practice, consolidate, deepening and expanding prior knowledge; And in-depth enterprise first, to enterprise staff, technicians and management staff to learn, to learn their professional skills and management methods; Through the practice, strengthen the student discipline concepts, improve the student on own initiative observe Labour discipline ability; To cultivate professional skills of students as the main line, realizing the warehousing and logistics supreme and cognition, skilled operate and complete the whole management.

   Our company hope through the student's efforts, and the school cooperation, enterprise management, expected to create a win-win cooperation between the school-enterprise cooperation platform, erected a friendship bridge, and help more students smoothly toward employment road, step into the door to success, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the logistics industry.

address :No8 JinGang Road,Beilun Ningbo Zhejiang China

contact :Miss LI



Mobile phone :18969836570 校企合作動態

E-MAIL:[email protected]

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